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ABOUT COLTLAX The College of Tlaxcala
The College of Tlaxcala (Coltlax) is an institution for research and postgraduate education resources in the field of Regional Development, Public Policy and Public Management. Coltlax is commited to fair and sustainable development through postgraduate education and cooperation with governments, NGOs and Institutions of Higher Education, both local and international.

Located in the central part of Mexico, in the State of Tlaxcala, Coltlax main research focus is on regional and local issues; it has a commitment to regional and local problems But at the same time it’s actively engaged in establishing partnerships with international organizations, research centers and universities with similar research and teaching aims.

Established as a non-lucrative organization, our founding comes from different sources. The State government of Tlaxcala is the main contributor of financial resources.; other sources include research grant applications to federal and State programs. Consultancy services provided to Federal, State and Municipal agencies are an additional source of research funding.

Coltlax was funded as an initiative of Tlaxcala’s State Government on June 1st 2001. In its first ten years of existence it has contributed to expand the postgraduate academic offer in the State offering Master and PhD programs for individuals pursuing postgraduate degrees. It also offers continuing education programs and courses for professionals and public servants.

The College of Tlaxcala is a young institution. Its world class research staff has published over 65 titles on several issues related to regional development. Coltlax generates research and takes part in public debates on issues related to development; in this way, its research has been appropiated by Non-Governmental Actors, individuals, Local Authorities, Social Organizations and Cooperatives.

Dirección: Av. Melchor Ocampo No. 28, C. P. 90600, San Pablo Apetatitlán, Tlaxcala, México
Conmutador: (246) 46-4-58-74, 46-4-52-33 46-4-72-17 / Directo Fax (246) 4647726

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